TV Appearances

1. Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin, S03 E15: Polynesian Paradise, ABC

Video & Text interviews

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10. Polynésie Première, Bleu Océan – Le Mag: les bébés requins et le PGEM de Moorea (video), 17 January 2019

9. Introducing PHYSIOSHARK: Baby Sharks & Climate Change, a short film by Tom Vierus

Updated Physioshark 2018 2 Laurels

8. System Factory Interview (video), 15 November 2018

7. Behind the Fins: Ian Bouyoucos (text), 10 October 2018

6. BBC Wildlife, The fascinating world of the lemon shark by Helen Scales, 14 July 2018

5. The Deep End Series Episode 13: The Physioshark Project (video), 6 April 2018


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